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Outside Edge Pattern

With the rise of online gaming, we have observed many different game types rise from relative mediocrity to prominence. Where once we had to visit a location dedicated to playing a certain game to play it, nowadays we can mostly sit back in our chair and enjoy our favourite pastime without the need to leave the comfort of our homes. This is true for many games, including bingo.

As it happens, bingo is currently enjoying a revival in popularity and many websites have emerged over the last few years, ready to accommodate anyone willing to play. Therefore, we thought it wise that we provide you with some information regarding some of the more important aspects of this classic game.

Outside Edge Pattern

Bingo is quite a simple game to play and understand. It is a number’s game – of sorts – and for every announced number that you mark off your card, you will be ever closer to becoming a winner of the room. Each bingo game gives you a different pattern to fulfil, making each bingo room slightly different from the rest. Moreover, these patterns come with their own unique features and number of squares. As a result, some are easier to fulfil than others.

On the more difficult end of the spectrum, we find the outside-edge bingo pattern. This pattern is somewhat more complex than others as it covers a larger number of squares. A bingo card consists of a grid of squares, with each square containing a unique number. To win a bingo game you will have to cover all the squares required by the pattern. An outside-edge pattern covers all the outer squares of the grid and you have to be the first to mark all of them to win the game.

Example I

An outside-edge pattern is somewhat difficult to cover as it includes a larger number of squares than most others of its kind. While this might sound daunting at first, remember that the same difficulty is also applied to all other players. Therefore, your chances of winning are not affected by this and they remain the same when compared to other players. This pattern may not be as common as other types, however, it does have a great effect on the game. For one, it prolongs it due to the fact that you have to mark off more numbers than usual.

If you are not fond of this pattern, fear not. There are many other patterns out there and you will certainly find out that is more to your liking.