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Big X Bingo Pattern

Bingo fans have noticed that there are numerous patterns on the bingo tickets that can win them a prize and they are unique to each specific game. Patterns are the various shapes formed by numbers the caller selects throughout the game. And the patterns on a bingo card are limited only by their designer’s imagination. One of them, the Big X pattern, is quite common in 75-ball and 50-ball bingo games and is one of the best known ways to win in bingo.

But what is the Big X and how hard it is to achieve it when playing your favourite game? Take a look at the following sections to find out all the answers you are seeking.

What Is the Big X Bingo Pattern?

As one of the most common bingo card patterns, the Big X can be found in most types of bingo variations. However, it is most often used in 75-ball bingo, originally an American type of bingo, which has spread today to most parts of the world, including Europe and the UK. This particular pattern is quite straightforward – it comes in the shape of the letter “X” covering the entire card.

In other words, two diagonal lines must be marked off on the ticket. As you probably know, lines in bingo are completed by matching the numbers on your card to the numbers called during the game. Once you get an X on your card, you win a fixed amount of cash.

Big X Pattern in 75-Ball Bingo

Popular almost everywhere around the world, the 75-ball bingo is extremely easy to play and it comes with a wide variety of patterns. Usually, this version of bingo is played on cards that consist of 25 cells (5 rows and 5 columns). Numbers from 1 through 75 may appear in each cell, except for the central one which remains blank or “free”.

So how does the Big X fit in? When playing 75-ball bingo, this is one of simplest patters you can achieve as you only need the numbers sitting on the two diagonals. Once you complete these two crossed lines and you were the first player to achieve it, you will win the prize corresponding to this win. Whether you play online or in a local bingo hall, you can increase your chances of winning if you choose the right game and the right time. But to understand how likely it is to make a Big X while playing bingo, you should know a little more than just the rules and the basics of the game. You will need a bit of a hard statistical data.

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Probability of Making X in Bingo

The probability of making two diagonal lines in the shape of an “X” should not be confused with the odds of winning in bingo as the latter takes into account the number of cards printed out and participating in every single game. Experts prefer calculating only the probability of achieving a particular pattern for a single ticket, as it depends on objective factors.

Making bingo with an X pattern in a 75-ball bingo may sometimes mean that you need 8 matching numbers on your card, if the central cell is blank. In case all 25 cells on the ticket are filled with numbers, you will need to match the 9 numbers that form the letter “X” on the grid. Generally, the odds of winning increase as the game progresses.

According to this universal rule for bingo games, the probability of making two diagonal lines on the 10th call are incredibly low. However, the more numbers are selected, the less numbers remain in the game (whether these are the balls in the bag or the numbers in the Random Number Generator). Therefore, your chances of making the X and winning the bingo increase significantly on the 60th call.